Hello, my name is Alchemy J. Maddison.

I have spent the past 29 years growing and learning along my journey to becoming who I am today. I have survived the darkest of struggles through times of exploitation, poverty, homelessness, a painful auto immune disease called ankylosing spondylitis and mental health issues but everyday I roll with the punches and i am determined to learn what i can from these troubles and keep moving forward in a positive light connected with the universe. I have started this blog to share my stories and what i have learnt during my endless hours of reading and research into the best ways to live a life in line with who we are meant to be, I hope that I can share this light and give you hope and advice that may help you on your own journey. I do not claim to know it all, I am just sharing what helps me and maybe some of it will speak to you.

Love Maddison x