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A little Understanding

A little Understanding

Understanding Each other. 

“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” William Blake

That beautiful William Blake quote is one of my all-time favorites. For me this quote sums up what I am about to talk about, we all have a unique perspective of life and how to live it best and with a little patience and understanding for each other’s needs we can change how we project into the universe and what is reflected back to us. Because our life is simply a reflection of what we project into the universe.

From the very moment we are born we begin to interpret the world around us, our eyes feed images into our consciousness and it deciphers the images and actions around us creating a narrative of life. As we grow older the conscious mind becomes more and more influenced by our parents, siblings, friends, media and personal experiences of the world around us. The older we get the more unique and induvial our views of our existence become. 

Every single life from the beginning of time until today is completely unique, not a single person has ever had the exact same experience as another. That’s what makes life so interesting and beautiful. For example, if as a child I was stung by a jellyfish in the ocean that one single time my friend decided we should go to the beach, I as an adult would likely be very cautious or even have a phobia of being in the ocean. Now say as a child you spent hours playing in the ocean with friends it was the most fun times of your childhood, you would be happy and probably make a point of visiting the ocean as often as possible. Two similar experiences but totally different outcomes, now times that by every second of every minute of every day of each induvial life and you have an unfathomable amount of micro events feeding into your sub conscious and molding your perspective of the world. Of course, many of us share similar experiences from day to day but we each interpret these experiences through our unique sub conscious anatomy built by our previous experiences.

 We cannot possibly begin to realize just how different we all are, yet our modern society has attempted to bunch us all into little groups based on single aspects of our experience of life and then use it to pit us against each other. But the only group we all can actually fit into is that we are human, and every one of us is facing human challenges and experiences such as physical and mental health issues, effects of nature, our bodies experience, climate and personal relationships. I truly believe that with a little understanding and proper education we begin to break away all the noise being fed to us by those who wish to manipulate and start to really understand the capability of the human race, we really do have it in us.

  I have fallen for this quick judgement most of my life just like everyone else, how could we not it is everywhere we look today, it is in our politics, media, social groups, work place and even our homes. I have recently been through a transforming experience where I was guided (or shoved by the universe but who can be sure,haha.) into  a painful situation, to really learn that we are so unique and the need to understand perspective. Many people in our lives can cut us so deep that we instantly lash out from our perspective because we simply cannot see life through another’s experience. From there stems the falling of relationships, anger, fear, trauma, pain and so much more.

So how did I overcome it? I really had to step away from my personal experience and look at the bigger picture and understand that the person/people who hurt me, can’t possibly know just where I have been and what my experience is. I really had to try and see from a higher perspective that everyone out there is likely doing their best with what they have in order to survive and protect themselves. In order to see from a higher perspective, I took walks in nature, practiced mediation, read spiritual literature and spent a lot of time in self-reflection. The outcome of these activities was the ability to break down the situation to its core and face it head on without placing anger or fear in the mixture. I was now able to see both sides and make rational judgement of how I wished to move forward. This does not excuse shitty behavior I don’t condone letting people hurt us, however this really helps with forgiveness and moving on. Once I could understand their actions came from a one-sided view of the world that I didn’t relate to, I could forgive them. 

Moving forward you are faced with whether this relationship is in your best interests. Remember that in life nobody has say or power over who you are, you do not owe anyone your time, kindness or care. Unfortunately, we are fed the narrative that certain people are exceptions, especially family however this is your life and your life only. You are strong, beautiful and a unique essential to the universe, do not give your power away. Take your time to really think about your own needs, look into how this relationship has been for you and if it is not of the highest good do not let it continue to disrupt your life. If it is a relationship you really care to fix, I believe that patience and honest conversation is the way to move forward. As hard as it is to be vulnerable and honest, it’s the most effective way to build strong companionships in life. 

 As always when I write, please know that these are from my own experiences and research. They have helped me in becoming connected to my true purpose and higher self. Take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t, there is no one way to live. Understand that everything in this blog takes patience and practice, I still must step back and check my own behavior and realize when I am judging from my own perspective and not living from a place of empathy or understanding. You can do it too; I believe in you. 

Love, Maddison 

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